Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Increased Fees Reason for Fewer Races in Cebu City?

Writer, John Pages, explores questions regarding the new running ordinance in Cebu that increased the permit fees from P1,800 to P7,000 for races with 10k distances and P15,000 for half-marathons. 
 "Since the new ordinance was implemented in February, fewer runs are being organized in Cebu City. Many have moved to Talisay or Lapu-Lapu or Mandaue.
While I agree with the one-race-a-day policy (though organizers can still hold simultaneous events in other cities), there are plenty of questions to ask:
Where does the P15,000 payment go? Does it help the run? Or does it help the city run these events?
This amount (for the 21K) excludes the thousands (for overtime pay) that must be paid to Citom. This amount, if I’m not mistaken, will not even go to the personnel of the Department of Public Services because, according to the new rule, the organizers themselves have to clean all the garbage. 
No doubt this ordinance has plenty of good. But, four months after its implementation, it appears to have one bad outcome: fewer Cebu City races. 
As an organizer/sponsor, why pay P15,000 when you can pay P500 for a Mandaue City-located run in Parkmall?"

Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/sports/2012/06/25/pages-exorbitant-fees-reason-fewer-races-228677 

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